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"Since the beginning of my artistic activity I have dedicated myself to the theme human = matter and spirit. Finding the resources in the soul of human beings. Deepening the feelings and emotions in one's strength of creation."

Biography - Paul Morder dë Doss

Paul Moroder dë Doss


Master sculptor lives and works in Ortisei. He began sculpting at the age of 15 in the workshop of his father, the academic sculptor Enrico Moroder Doss, while he attended the Art Institute of Ortisei, then specialized in Chicago in the United States.

The artist maintains a similar stylistic declination and a single material for each artifact, in a path of barely recognizable iconographic references and always inclined to simplification and personal interpretation. In this way each element is distinguished from another, because the readjustment of objects to dissimilar architectural spaces is necessarily different. And each time Paul Moroder accords his aesthetic and operational choices to structural indications.

The plastic ideation receives chromatic value and chiaroscuro rhythm: Moroder combines the shining timbres of bronze and the gentle and silent ones of stone; the result is a harmonious creation of unexpected vivacity, but always respectful of the original iconographic tradition. (D. Serafini) For each plastic nucleus, Paul Moroder's attention is always aimed at not taking too much space, not governing his works with an artificial and rhetorical sense, in order not to subtract the importance of the task for which they await, or to summarize and clarify the reading of the assumptions for which they are responsible.

Paul Moroder honors their use, seals them with convenience and decorum, substantiates them with lyrical composure and sincere sentiment and crowns them, in perfect technique and superb workmanship, with absolute beauty. (G. Prandina) His works are placed in various sacred places and in environments of the urban cycle, squares, parks and private environments. His main works are liturgical poles in various liturgical adaptations in spaces dedicated to religious worship.

Lately he won the contest for liturgical adaptation to the cathedral of Cuneo. The materials most used by him are wood, bronze, stone and crystal glass. Lately he also dedicates himself to painting. In his artistic activity he has acquired several awards and honors of recognition including the medal of Pope John Paul II and the President of the Italian Republic.

Presbyteral interventions in cathedrals, churches, monasteries and chapels

from 1980 to today

TRENTO, Cattedrale San Vigilio, Via Crucis, Croce astile
TRENTO, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Poli Liturgici
ROMA, Santuario del Divino Amore, Icona Crocifisso
BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI), Santuario Beata Sterni, Poli Liturgici e Tomba della Beata Sterni
BOLZANO, Presbiterio della Chiesa dei Domenicani, Poli Liturgici
TRENTO, Cattedrale S. Vigilio, cappella laterale – croce gemmata all‘altare
AFFI (VR), Villa Elena da Persico, Poli Liturgici
CARMIGNANO SUL BRENTA (PD), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
CESENATICO, Colonia 12 Stelle, Nuova Cappella: Poli liturgici, Icona, Vetrata
VICENZA, Chiesa S.Francesco d’Assisi, Poli Liturgici
S. EUSEBIO (VI), Parrocchia, Poli Liturgici
FLAVON (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
GARNIGA TERME (TN), Chiesa del Sacro Cuore di Gesù, Poli liturgici, Fonte Battesimale, Capella del Santissimo
LAGHETTI (BZ), Chiesa Cimiteriale di S. Lorenzo, Poli Liturgici, Icona, Tabernacolo, Icona Facciata Chiesa
LAGHETTI (BZ), Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta, Poli Liturgici
MARTER DI RONCEGNO (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
MOLVENO (TN), Chiesa di San Carlo Borromeo, Poli Liturgici e Tabernacolo
POZZA DI FASSA (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici, Altare del Santissimo
REISCHACH / RISCONE (BZ), Archaden cemetery chapel 
RIVA DEL GARDA (TN), Chiesa S.Giuseppe, Poli Liturgici, Fonte Battesimale, Cappella del Santissimo, Icona
TRENTO, Chiesa del Santissimo, Fonte Battesimale

VAROLLO (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Altare
VILLAFRANCA DI VERONA (VR) – Chiesa della Madonna del Popolo, Fonte Battesimale, Icone
TRENTO, Chiesa di Santa Margherita, Poli Liturgici
MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE (VI), Cappella Cimiteriale
VERONA, Seminario Vescovile, Cappella del Tabernacolo
COMMEZZADURA (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
LIZZANA (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Ambone
MOLINA DI LEDRO (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
ROLO (RE), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici
VEZZANO (TN), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Fonte Battesimale
SAN FORTUNATO (VI), Monastero Suore di Clausura, Altare
ANDRIA (BT), Chiesa Parrocchiale, Poli Liturgici e Icona
TORRE DEL GRECO (NA), Santuario della Madonna del Buon Consiglio, Icone, Coro, Lampadari
POCHI - BUCHHOLZ (BZ), chiesa parrocchiale S. Orsola - Poli liturgici 



Il Campanile, 1st classified
VICENZA, progetto di adeguamento liturgico della cattedrale, 2nd prize
PORTO RECANATI (MC), progetto CEI per una nuova chiesa
ACERRA (NA), progetto CEI per una nuova chiesa
ALBA (CN), progetto di adeguamento liturgico della Cattedrale di S.Lorenzo
PESCIA (PT), progetto di adeguamento liturgico della Cattedrale
SIGNA (FI), progetto di adeguamento liturgico
CUNEO, progetto di adeguamento liturgico della Cattedrale , 1st prize
GERUSALEMME/ISRAELE, Basilica Dormitio Monte Zion, progetto portale 2nd prize

Monumental works

SACRA DI SAN MICHELE (TO), Scultura di S.Michele Arcangelo (bronzo, 5 metri d’altezza)
REISCHACH / RISCONE (BZ), Plan de Corones, Campana Concordia (3 metri, 18 tonnellate)

Biography - Paul Morder dë Doss
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