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Nia me marocca

An exhibition with performance that wants to show another aspect of waste production through music, form and word.
The mass production - consequence of human ignorance.
A supremacy that our society is not really to suspect in dark spell.
This dark perspective reflects the destruction of one's own ego, the cannibalization of creation - for wasteful purposes and narcissistic understanding of power of individual actors.
The illusionistic wall that has been built up must be broken in order to distance oneself from the tyranny, to gain a new perspective.  The reorganization of a world, with the understanding of a human and appreciative attitude towards life.
The courage to start anew, to change - each individual has the power to do so.

Artist: Paul Moroder dë Doss
Music: NOTHING ABOUT TRAINS con Andreas Mayr Kondrak, Marion Moroder
Film: Moroder Max

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